Artwork Information

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Room 714 Series

The Room 714 Series conveys a sensation of physical immersion, yet depraved of any keen sensory abilities. Compositions vacillate between awareness of landscapes, furry forms, underwater scenes, and organic interiors. Restrictions of contrast and form reinforce a feeling of observing the work within milky, gelatinous or cotton like matter. These vague environs lead to a degree of depersonalization, though the use of soft colors keep the work from feeling alarming or claustrophobic.

north shoal 2017sm.jpg

Deciduous Series

The Deciduous Series portrays waterscapes that have shed much of their color in favor of strongly contrasted compositions. Landforms are rendered to suggest ink splatters or fallen leaves with a nod to Asian ink drawings. While the overall works appear strictly monochromatic, close inspection reveals the use of bright primary colors within shadows, reflections and minute details.

Floating square.jpg

Frontier Series

The Frontier Series presents an aspirational synthesis between a soft, natural void and bold engineered interventions within it. Strong focus on graphic design is clearly evident within several characteristics of this work. The sky and lake domains are rendered as flat color fields, subtly conversing between complementary tones, while foreground elements of line and mass behave as indomitable characters within the scene. The stillness of the compositions and the absence of life add surrealist qualities to these realistically rendered works by retaining focus upon underlying fundamentals of the design. Long, horizontal layouts assist a modern aesthetic and nod to both the Prairie Style and the flat Midwestern environment that inspired it.